Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, Athens 

Athens Section CID, Athens

Pireaus Section CID, Pireaus



Congress Committee

Prof. Mr. Alkis Raftis, Chairman of the Congress

Ms. Adamantia Angeli, Executive Director of CID

Ms. Lambrini Raikou, Executive Secretary of CID

Ms. Angeliki Christofilopoulou, General Secretary of the Dora Stratou Dance Theater

Mr. Stergios Theocharidis, Vice-President of the Dora Stratou Dance


Presidents of CID Sections

Ms. Marigoula Kritsioti, President of Athens Section CID

Ms. Kalliopi Varoudaki, President of Pireaus Section CID

Ms. Prof. Dr. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux, President of Finistère Section CID

Ms. Anahit Saribeckyan, President of Vanazdor Section CID

Ms. Fabienne Courmont, President of Avignon Section CID


Congress Team

Mr. Stamatis Theocharidis (Greece)

Mr. Athanassios Kalantzis (Greece)

Mr. Alexandros Varoudakis (Greece)

Mr. Stathis Kalogeropoulos (Greece)

Ms. Anastasia Anastasopoulou (Greece)

Ms. Eva Roditou (Greece)

Ms. Caroline Daniels (U.K.)

Ms. Ekaterini Kousteni (Greece)

Ms. Tasia Nikita (Greece)

Mr. David Teissier (France)

Ms. Katianna Moukazi (Greece)

Ms. Adele Fourcade (France)

Ms. Madalina Sescu (Romania)

Ms. Malgorzata Ptak (Poland)

Ms. Zoe Emas (USA)

Ms. Alana Castro (Brazil)

Ms. Eleni Sfaktou (Greece)

Ms. Maria Marina Boukiou (Greece)

Ms. Pasqualina De Falco (Italy)


Scientific Committee

Ms. Prof. Dr. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux (France)

Ms. Prof. Dr. Karen L. Smith (U.S.A)

Ms. Prof. Nadezda Mosusova (Serbia)

Ms. Prof. Dr. Vassiliki Tyrovola (Greece)

Ms. Prof. Dr. Anna Lazou (Greece)

Ms. Prof. Dr. Maria Koutsouba (Greece)

Ms. Prof. Zoe Margari (Greece)

Mr. Prof. Dr. Przemyslaw Kordos (Poland)

Mr. Prof. Karen Gevorgyan (Armenia)

Ms. Prof. Dr. Prashanthi Narangoda (Sri Lanka)

Mr. Prof. Dr. Dimitris Goulimaris (Greece)



Dora Stratou Dance Theatre building, Plaka

House of the Dance, Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens

Tel.: (+30) 210 324 4395, 210 324 6188, 210 921 4650, Fax: (+30) 210 324 6921

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Under the auspices of

Region of Attica - Ministry of Culture - Ministry of Education - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - National Commission for UNESCO - Municipality of Athens





Dance, the ‘silent Poetry’

The Greek Dances Theater ‘Dora Stratou’ has been cultivating the art of Dance with consistency and sensitivity for over sixty years.

The virtue of this particular art, therefore, is that it constitutes the shortest, most direct way to express joy, regret, reflexion and creativity.

In this context, the paramount ‘mission’ of Dance is to heal the soul, thus bringing catharsis. It is about an ancient mission set out in different ways over the centuries, yet, remaining still as relevant and authentic as ever. Indeed, the catalytic role of Dance as key part in ancient tragedy constitutes the most authentic example.

Dance, therefore, as an expression of those people who devote themselves throughout their lives, going beyond body resilience in order to serve this Art, or rather to serve Culture. These are artists who stand on solid ground, for they do not seek to acquire laurels but to guide the audience closer to freedom, through their dance steps.

Dance, as that kind of art that is not for a few, that does not belong to an ‘elite’ or a higher caste, is a self-evident right for us all. It is a right to expression, which we can and must assert not only by approaching this art as physical activity but as the steps which will bring us closer to our hearts. ‘Dance is the hidden language of the soul’ noted the one and only Martha Graham.

It is precisely this ‘Language of the Soul’ that the Greek Dances Theater ‘Dora Stratou’ has been cultivating since 1953 with consistency, sensitivity and seriousness, linking knowledge and tradition by a scarlet thread, interweaving the past with the present, promoting education, information and knowledge sharing. All these are embodied in the World Congress on Dance Research to be organized and hosted again this year.

The 44th Congress on Dance Research is a landmark on international stage dance, a legacy for the future of this paramount art being the ‘silent poetry’.



Rena Dourou

Governor of Attica