WEDNESDAY 29 June 2016


REGISTRATION            Dora Stratou Dance Theatre building, Plaka                            

10:00-16:00  Recovery of identification badge (required at entrances), CID bag with program, posters, maps, gifts and other material.

Check in at hotels

OPENING                          Dora Stratou Theatre, Philopappou Hill

20:00           Opening address by Prof. Dr. Alkis Raftis, Chairman of the Congress  VIDEO

20:15           Group photographs

20:30           Welcome evening

21:30           Performance of the Dora Stratou Company



THURSDAY 30 June 2016



LECTURE HALL A    Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel

Chair: Prof. Karen L. Smith

            Prof. Kelly Harris
            Prof. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux




09:40     Mr. Dhiman Sankar Mukherjee (India): Nrityabahar

10:00    Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France): Dancing with the Greek Godesses on Isadora Duncan path

10:20    Dr. Patricia Elizabeth Torres Villanueva (Mexico): Brain Enhancement through dance    

10:40    Ms. Daphne Mourelou (Greece): Aspects of Professional Dance Education in Greece : The State School of Dance and The National Opera Professional Dance School"

11:00    Prof. Kelly Harris (USA): Dance Education for the Highly Creative: Developing the Creative Potential of Gifted Children in the Dance Classroom

11:20    Ms. Charlotte Tomlinson (UK): Safe dance practice:enhancing the dance experience

11:40    Dr. Krinanthi Gdonteli (Greece): Bachelor in Dance in Greece: necessity and prospects

12:00    Ms. Elisa Anzellotti (Italy): Memory and matter of the Dance. Conservation
             problems of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

12:20    Ms. Rita Galdieri & Ms. Fatima Ranieri (Italy): The Dance Studio With The
             Sound Of Castanets

12:40    Prof. Karen L. Smith (USA): Dances That Shocked Society

13:00    Dr. Panos Symeonidis (Greece): Orthopaedic Surgeon: Posterior ankle pain in     

13:20    Ms. Vera Obradovic (Serbia): Electronic Museum of Dance in Serbia: gender

13:40    Ms. Erika Matsunami (Germany): Kurokami (old Version) - Japanese traditional Dance-Theater

14:00    Prof. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux (France):  The Anastenarides' dance on fire in Neo Kosti, Mavrolefki and Langada, third approach : trance or  not ? links with ancient     Greece ?

14:20    Dr. Przemyslaw Kordos (Poland): Objects in traditional Greek Dance Pre-final report

14:40    Ms. Hanna Raszewska (Poland): Goat dance of Skyros in Laban kinetography score

15:00    Ms. Agnieszka Jez (Poland): Paying for music - Money as object in the traditional
             Greek Dance

15:20   Ms. Lenka Tchernobay (Tenerife): Dance and Mindfulness “Khaita - Tibetan Modern Dances and The Dance of The Vajra - Meditation in Movement”





LECTURE HALL B    Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel



Chair:  Prof. Christine Bamford
             Prof. Prashanthi Narangoda



09:40    Prof. Prashanthi Narangoda (Sri Lanka): Ritual Mask: Color and Society- a Case Study based on Sanniyakuma

10:00    Prof. Christine Bamford (USA): How to stay young?

10:20    Prof. Anna Lazou, Mrs Eirini Cosma (Greece): Orchesis throughs its light on Drama

10:40    Ms. Pamela de Fina (U.S.A.): The Classical Dance by Maria Theresa Duncan,

11:00    Ms. Shushanik Semerjyan (Greece): Victory without war. Cultural education

11:20    Mr. Ioakeim Karepidis (Greece): When the history becomes dance. Bafra's case.

11:40   Dr. Katerina El Raheb (Greece): Wholodance: How state-of-the art
             technologies can support dance education and enhance the experience of dance learning

12:00    Ms. Fatima Suarez (Brazil): Natural Experience


12:40    Ms. Lemonia Darginidou, Prof. Dimitris Goulimaris (Greece): Quality of life and traditional dancing

13:00    Dr. Solange Pimentel Caldeira (Brazil): Pina bausch´s corporal dramaturgy

13:20    Ms. Simran Godhwani (India): Indian dance Jewellery

13:40    Ms. Teni Matian (Kuweit): LAPA for dance in Kuwait

14:00    Mr. Stevan Ristic (Romania): Dance over the partridge nest

14:20    Ms. Madalina Sescu (Romania): Dance in Ancient Greece. A Virtual Visit in the
             Archeological Museum of Athens
14:40    Ms. Mayra Collazo Ortiz (U.S.A.):  Dance Education and its social impact in Puerto Rico

15:00    Ms. Roberta Di Laura (Italy): The Poetry of Dance (absentee)

15:20   Mr. Olajide Moruf Sadiq (Nigeria): Choreographic patterns and the socio-political & economic relevance of traditional dundun dance




LECTURE HALL C    Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel




Chair: Prof. Maria Koutsouba

            Prof. Zoe Margari           


10:00     Ms. Anah Sari - Anahit Saribekyan (Armenia): Abstract-Monumental Stage Dance Choreography by Anah Sari

10:20     Ms. Lusine Avakian (Armenia): Armenian Ritual Wedding Dances

10:40    Mr. Dimitris Bouziouris, Prof. Maria Koutsouba, Prof. Vasiliki Tyrovola (Greece): Greek traditional dance and anarchism. A philosophical approach

11:00       Mr. Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Prof. Vassiliki Tyrovola, Prof. Maria Koutsouba (Greece): Dance and local particularities. The case of the dance “Karagkouna” in the community of Magoula, Karditsa.

11:20    Ms. Eleni Kotsala, Ms. Athina Androulidaki, Ms. Anastasia Donti, Prof. Dimitris Mandalidis, Prof. Olyvia Donti, Prof. Maria Koutsouba (Greece): Association between selected physical fitness parameters and the execution of multiple turns in classical female dancers.

11:40    Ms. Eleni Filippidou, Prof. Maria Koutsouba, Prof. Vasiliki Tyrovola (Greece): The symbolic role of “Milia” dancing ritual in Pentalofos, Evros, Greece




13:00    Ms. Corina Cimpoieru (Romania): Modern Dance in Interwar Romania. Floria Capsali’s Studio

13:20    Mr. Giorgos Fountzoulas, Prof. Maria Koutsouba, Mr. Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Prof. Vasiliki Tyrovola (Greece): Transforming the words, transforming the dance: The case of the ‘divani’ ritual in Kallithea village of voiotia, Greece

13:40   Ms. Konstantina Lampou, Prof. Vasiliki Tyrovola (Greece): The " triptych " music - dance - poetry and the athletic ideal through the Greek Mythology of Jean Richepin.

14:00   Ms. Georgia Rapti (Greece): DANCE in the region 

14:20   Dr. Vikrant Kishore (Australia): Dancing to the tunes of Bollywood part 2

14:40   Prof. Zoe Margari (Greece): Old dances in new rituals: The case of Naousa’s Corsairs

15:00    Mr. Thanasis Kalantzis (Greece): Sarakatsanoi and Dora Stratou Theatre




FRIDAY 1 July 2016




DANCE HALL    Dora Stratou Theatre, Philopappou Hill




09:00    Ms. Annie Triantafillou Deree (Greece): The American College of Greece Development of a promotional strategy in order to attract more researchers coming from the United States for Greek Dances Theater "Dora Stratou" with the objective to promote the 44th World Congress on Dance Research in Athens, 2016.

09:30    Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France): Dancing with the Greek Godesses on Isadora Duncan path  VIDEO

10:00    Ms. Ellen Addário Vetter (Germany): Creative movement


11:00    Ms Kaliopi Varoudaki (Greece): Fast Hasapikos or Hasaposerviko


12:00    Dr. Patricia Elizabeth Torres Villanueva (Mexico): Teaching Consciousness in
             each step

12:30    Ms. Daphne Mourelou (Greece): Contemporary Dance Class

13:00    Prof. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux (France): Maenads' dances in the parodos of Euripides' Bacchae

13:30    Ms. Lori Belilove (USA): The Art of Isadora with Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company

14:00    Ms. Maria Athanassiadou (Greece): Kamilieriko Zeibekiko

14:30    Mr. Ioakeim Karepidis (Greece): Dances from Bafra

15:00    Ms. Maria Kalogerakou Partner (Greece):  Salsa Dance Sport Art Styling  Couples

15:30    Ms. Julia Grecos (Spain): The Essence of Flamenco - "THE RHYTHMS"

16:00    Ms. Barbara Zech Guenther (Germany): Baroque Dances. The Bourree family - Bourree, Gavotte, Rigaudon

16:30    Mr. Ingo Guenther (Germany): Baroque Dances. The Bourree family - Bourree, Gavotte, Rigaudon (part2)


EXHIBITION HALL     Dora Stratou Theatre, Philopappou Hill





PERFORMANCES    Dora Stratou Theatre, Philopappou Hill



 PERFORMANCES                             Dora Stratou Theatre, Philopappou Hill

20:25   Ms. Ellen Addario Vetter (Germany):  "Silence... on Tourné"   VIDEO

20:35   Mr. Dhiman Sankar Mukherjee (India): The Salutation

    20:40   AVETIS dance shcool (Greece): Armenian folk dances

20:50   Almaz Troupe Group (Greece): Oriental Dance

    20:55   Dr. Patricia Elizabeth Torres Villanueva (Mexico):Cosmic relationships the moon dance

21:00   Ms. Simran Godhwani (India): Kahe ched mohe, kathak

21:05   Ms. Itsha M. Velez (USA): Out of Hiding

21:10   Prof. Kelly Harris (USA): The Egg & I

21:15   Ms. Laura Llauder (Spain): Free Heart

21:20   Prof. Christine Bamford (U.K.): Apollo rises

21:25   Ms. Lori Belilove (USA) : Scherzo

21:35   Ms. Morgana Mellett (USA): “Tanagra Figures” & “Bacchanal” 

21:45   Ms. Jayeeta Dutta (India): Solo Kathak

21:50   Ms. Faith Kimberling (USA): “Southern Roses”

22:00   Ms. Meg Brooker (USA): Isadora Duncan Dance Repertory Performance

  with Meg Brooker

22:10   Ms. Nikki Poulos (USA): “Infinity”

22:20   Ms. Andromachi Vourlakou (Greece): ''Passion can brake all limits''

    22:30   Ms. Emily D Angelo (USA):  “Dance of the Furies” and “Dance of the Blessed Spirits”

     22:40  Ms. Anah Sari & Ms. Lusine Avakian (Armenia): "Armavir - Abstract-Monumental Stage Dance Choreography by Ms. Anah Sari, mirrored dualism, sacred pray, ancient Armenian symbols - 2002 - dancers"

22:50   Dance group from Ipirus Agia Paraskevi “O Piros” (Greece): Dances from Ipeiros ​1.Tsitomitros, 2. Aidonaki ithela namoun, 3. Mia kori ta   mesanixta, 4. Mana mia kori pou eida ego




SATURDAY 2 July 2016



DANCE HALL    Dora Stratou Theatre, Philopappou Hill


09:00   Dr. Sangita Bedar (India): Kathak   VIDEO

09:30   Athens Orchesis Ensemble and members of the Study Group (Greece): Athens Orchesis  Ensemble Method  VIDEO

10:00   Mr. Dhiman Sankar Mukherjee (India): The Salutation   VIDEO

10:30   Ms. Andromachi Vourlakou (Greece): YODC (Yoga & Oriental Dance Club)   VIDEO

11:00   Ms. Meg Brooker (USA):  Duncan Technique & Repertory: A Contemporary Approach with Meg Brooker   VIDEO

11:30   Ms. Emma Mesrobian (USA): Creative Contemporary Choreography  VIDEO

12:00   Mr. Salim Sinar (Turkey): Caucasian Traditional Wedding Dance; Simt-Qafe   VIDEO

12:30   Prof. Karen L. Smith (USA): Musical Theater/Broadway Dance   VIDEO

13:00   Ms. Anah Sari - Anahit Saribekyan (Armenia): Hands Technique 1 & 2   VIDEO

13:30   Ms. Lusine Avakian (Armenia): Gyond (Govnd, Gound) - ancient Armenian ritual    VIDEO
            dance from pagan times

14:00  Ms. Maria Kalogerakou (Greece): Cids Salsa dance sport art styling (S.L.S.) International Dance Coucil   VIDEO




16:30   Departure for Veakion Open Air Theatre from Syngrou Avenue 2 and Dionysiou
            Areopagitou (in front of the statue of Melina Mercouri)

19:00   Departure for Veakion Open Air Theatre from Syngrou Avenue 2 and Dionysiou
            Areopagitou (in front of the statue of Melina Mercouri)






PERFORMANCES Veakion Oper Air Theatre, Piraeus



20:00  Opening by Mr. Raftis

20:02   Dance group from Keratsini I Elliniki Paradosi (Greece): Dances form the island

  of Salamina

20:10   Ms. Fabienne Courmont (France): Solo dance for Peace

20:15    The dance of the future study Group (France): The dance of the muses. Tribute to Isadora Duncan

20:25   Katerina Rodiou Dance School (Greece): «Ta paidia tou Peiraia» music by Manos Chatzidakis

20:28    Mr. Ridha Rzig (Tunise): Schizophrene

20:30    Dance Group from Kastelorizo Island (Greece): Syrtos, ballos, sousta

20:40    Hgechoros Dance Group (Greece): Dances from the island of Cephalonia

Roido, divaratikos, mermigas, ballos, koutsos

20:50    Greek Center of Zeibekiko (Greece): Zeibekikos

    20:55    Katerina Rodiou Dance School (Greece): «Thalassografia» music by Stamatis Spanoudakis

    20:58    Ms. Natacha Liege (France): Walk breathing

21:00    Union of people of Pontos of Melissia Attika (Greece): 1. Kotsagel, 2. Sarikouz,

   3. Letsina, 4. Serra, 5. Omal

21:10   Contemporanea Ensemble (Brazil): Parabolicamará

21:15   Ms. Ana Vukovic (Serbia): Jazzzzzzz

21:20   Dr. Sangita Bedar (India): Solo  Kathak

21:25   Sangitas Studio Art Performing (India): Technical Kathak

21:35   Dance Group "O Stavraetos" (Greece): Dances from Sarakatsanoi

  Syrtos sta tria, Nyfiatikos, Stavrotos, Ktsadikos, Tsamikos, Syrtos

21:45   Athens Orchesis Ensemble and members of the Study Group (Greece): Secret Encounter in the Labyrinth

21:55   Dance group of Argyroupolis "I Horoekfrasi" (Greece): Bogdanos, Miliso, Stris, Troiro, Baintouska, Katsiveliko

22:05   Russian Culture Association of Greece Berioska (Greece): Russian dances

22:15    Mr. Ingo Guenther and Ms. Barbara Zech Guenther (Germany):Baroque dances: Ensemble consisting of a Berlin Company and a company of Athens

22:25   Ifigenia Tsantili (Greece):  " 7&Fractals", a study on spiral dance and fractals, by Ifigenia Tsantili

22:35   Dance group "Amalgama": Amalgama of dance

22:45   Dance group "Polimili" & Peiraius Section of CID (Greece): Folk dances: Zeibekikos, Hasapikos, Hasaposerviko





SUNDAY 3 July 2016


FINAL SESSION                           Dora Stratou office building, Plaka

09:30          Guided visit to the Dora Stratou Theater costumes collection

                       Informal meeting of conferees

                   Group photographs

                   Recovery of certificates of participation and check out


Congress venues:

Dora Stratou Dance Theatre building, Plaka

House of the Dance, Scholiou 8 (off 122 Adrianou Street), Plaka, 10558 Athens

Tel. +30 210 324 4395, 210 921 4650, fax +30 210 324 6921
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Metro stations: Acropolis, Monastiraki, Syntagma

Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, Philopappou Hill

Opposite the Acropolis.

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19-25 Parthenonos street, 11742 Athens

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Veakion Open Air Theatre, Piraeus

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Metro stations: Piraeus or Neo Faliro, then take a taxi


This program is subject to changes. The final program for each day will be posted at the entrance of each room.


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