Funding for CID Members participating in CID events



CID Members fully registered at an event endorsed by the CID can apply for financial assistance to public agencies or private sponsors, such as:

-  The National UNESCO Commission of your country. Find it at:

-  The Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other government authorities of your country

-  Funding organizations, foundations or agencies which you can find at the Who's Who in Dance global directory:


Type   funding  or   financial   or  grants  or  scholarships  or another similar word.

-  Look for opportunities announced in the monthly Circulars at the CID website:

-  Contact private companies having a sponsorship program. Explain why funding your trip is good for their image.

An application for funding usually includes:

1.  Cover letter

2.  Certificate of membership issued by the CID this year.

3.  Certificate of registration at the event, issued by the CID Section organizing the event.

4.  Description of the project (what is the CID event, what will you present there, what are the benefits for you, for your country, for the sponsor)

5.  Expenses what part of the expenses you will cover, and the sum asked.

6.  Your professional profile (CV, biographical note, resume) with some photos and eventually a DVD presenting your work.


Make sure your application is complete and serious, to avoid a rejection that would compromise your future applications.

If you are not a Member of CID registered at the event, or if you ask for 100% financing, your application will most probably be ignored.


Every year, countless Members of the CID receive financial assistance to attend events endorsed by the CID (congresses, competitions, festivals), because CID is the only international dance organization recognized by governments.


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